Love Marks

Letting you know we care. A lot.

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Why we picked a product.

An antidote to TMI.

A solution to Sustainabullshittery™

Sustainabullshittery Badges?

In the last few years there has been an outbreak of sustainability badges, green criteria and goodness guarantees all over the internet.

You know them. You see them everywhere. The little leaf, recycle, and planet icons.

They implore you to understand exactly how virtuous any given product is. They talk directly to our desire to consume more consciously. And sometimes these badges are backed by the best of intentions. 

The problem is, the more abstract a badge the less useful it is at explaining anything useful.

Happy Worker, Green Choice, Ethically Sourced. All have a lovely fluffy feeling. But what do they actually mean?

Love Marks

We’ve gone for something a bit more, straightforward. More material. And with less potential for accidental or intentional bullshittery.

Our Love Marks are absolute.

They say what they mean.  

Certified Organic All natural materials in the product have been grown using organic methods and certified by a recognised organisation.
Natural Fibres Only

All fabric and filings are 100% natural. So, no synthetic materials. Plant and animal fibres only inside and out. Metal and plastic fasteners are allowed. And synthetic structural stitching - for now.

Plastic Free

No plastic parts. No plastic resins, paints or coatings. No velcro, no plastic fasteners, zips or buttons. And as far as we’re concerned silicone might as well be plastic, so there’s none of that either.

Petroleum Free

No petroleum based ingredients or materials. No petrochemicals. Nothing derived from crude oil, natural gas or coal.

Made in Europe Made in a European country.
Made in the UK

Means made in the UK ; )



Our Love Marks are only words. But they are clear easy to understand words.

Understanding what things are made from is critical to making health compatible choices. Leaving smaller footprints is about consuming less.

Less plastic, less petrochemicals. Less miles. Less of everything.

Greater awareness is the first step towards less.

And you can only be aware if you know.

And if you know, you know.