Naturally good stuff for kids.

Sourcing good.

Three Little Ideas

These priorities guide our product choices.

Health First

Modern life makes minimising exposure to toxins hard. Choosing known safe and natural materials is a simple way to reduce children’s exposure.

Naturally Good

Natural materials are lovely to live with. Responsibly used they are ecologically sound. Eventually returning to nature without causing harm.

Near Before Far

Shipping products globally is often wasteful. Most of our products are made in Europe or the UK. 

Minimising exposure.

Plastics, pesticides and petrochemicals are harmful. We should take every opportunity to reduce children's exposure to these man made toxins.

Products made from carefully chosen natural materials are part of the solution.

Smaller footprints.

Shrinking our ecological impact...

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Love Marks

A simple way to know what you are buying when shopping for the people you love.

All Change!

For too long we looked mostly at the surface of things. We decided to do things differently.