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Natural Fibres Only


Synthetic fabrics create microplastics.

Snuggling a typical plush teddy releases a cloud of synthetic fibres. Ready to be inhaled along with the chemicals they contain. Reduce toxin exposure with our range of toys and textiles made from Natural Fibres Only.

Natural Fibres Only


Natural fibres make the best bedding. Soft, cosy and temperature regulating.

Shop our range of Natural Fibres Only merino blankets, cotton swaddles and bedding sets.


Ready to be snuggled and chewed to within an inch of their lives!

Avoid the polyester plague with our range of Natural Fibres Only comforters.

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Soft Toys & Teddies

They'll be the closest of pals. Made from cotton and wool, and stuffed with natural fibres not polyester.

Our range of Natural Fibres Only soft toys are loyal companions without hidden nasties.

Microfibres transport toxins.

Whilst all plastics produce microparticles eventually, many textiles are particularly bad offenders. Shedding plastic fibres in normal use. 

In our homes these microfibres become house dust, often absorbing extra toxins along the way.

Babies and children are particularly exposed. They spend more time on the floor, and with their faces close to carpets, toys and other fabrics. And they chew on everything. 

One recent study found babies ingest ten times the amount of plastic as adults. 

Choosing natural fibres over synthetics is one way to reduce their exposure to these toxic chemicals.