One year on.

A year ago we set out on a journey to change the way we run our business. 

Since then we’ve launched our Health First sourcing policy, a new website, and every product we sell has a Love Mark so you can tell at a glance what it’s, and importantly isn’t made from. 

We’re as proud of what we’ve taken away as what we’ve added though.

  • We no longer sell anything made in China. 
  • None of our products have hidden plastic. 
  • All our soft toys and dolls are free from synthetic fibres. 

The biggest challenge has been to go from approximately 70% made in China to 0% in a year. 

Why no China? Most baby and children’s products are made there. And we had to start somewhere. To reduce the miles. To take the first step to becoming more local. We’ll continue to source as locally as we can to minimise the miles. And over time an increasing proportion of what we sell will come from nearer to us.

We believe retailers are as responsible for the ecological impact of products as the maker.

Our approach is to source products made from seasonally renewable natural materials. Organically reared or grown. And turned into finished products as near as possible to where they originate and to us.

We know that ultimately, collectively, if we are going to continue any kind of discretionary consumption, it has to be at a much smaller scale. 

With ever less of the bad stuff. 

That's our path now.

Georgie & Stu x