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Petroleum Free


Almost all products contain petrochemicals. Almost.

Hard to spot or hidden in plain sight they are worth avoiding. Keep these hormone disrupting chemicals out of the bath. Nix noxious craft kit. Pick from our range of Petroleum Free products.

Petroleum Free


Bathtime is best without hidden nasties. But typical baby bath products are full of synthetic fragrances, soap substitutes and polymers.

Nobody likes surprise additions to their bath! Shop our Petroleum Free bathtime range.


Petrochemical preservatives, synthetic pigments, and liquid polymers are common ingredients in art and craft supplies.

Shop our carefully curated range of petrochemical free creative materials.

Wooden Toys

Once upon a time most wooden toys were just that, wood. Perhaps with a little vegetable oil as a finish.

Our range of Petroleum Free wooden toys are still an ecologically excellent choice.

We're going on a hydrocarbon hunt.

Petrochemicals are found in 95% of manufactured products. They are incredibly useful but also incredibly over used.

As well as damaging ecosystems, many are harmful to human health.

Babies and children are particularly sensitive to these environmental toxins.

Even believed to be safe petrochemicals can contain traces of unintended toxins used in the manufacturing process. This is often the case with plastics for eaxmple.

Avoiding petroleum derived ingredients in the things you buy is one way to reduce their exposure.