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We're coming to the end of January. Our new website launch is behind us. And I want to tell you about one of the most important things we've changed at Oskoe so far.

As I wrote last May, after nearly ten years in business we'd lost our way. We'd started out selling products from small European makers and ended up selling mostly Made in China.

Our products contained more plastic than we we're happy with. Our children did too.

: -(

The beauty of natural materials and the soundness of carefully crafted things were still important to us. But increasingly conscious of the Toxin Crisis, we saw the need for a different approach to sourcing the things we sell.

We racked our brains. Cried a bit. Shouted a bit. And came up with our Three Little Ideas. Now these principles guide all our product choices:

1. Health First - In a toxic world what could be more important? We want to know the materials used in our products are compatible with long term health.

2. Naturally Good - Seasonally renewable natural materials are lovely to live with. They come from the earth. Responsibly used they can return to it without causing harm.

3. Near Before Far - We believe in a future made locally, by businesses working with local materials. To keep us honest, we're phasing out anything Made in China.


These feel right. They lead us to the same decisions whether we’re buying things for our children, or for yours.

They are our guide to sourcing good things for a natural childhood.

Georgie and Stu x


30th January 2024