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Certified Organic


Organic farming protects everyone.

Organic agriculture makes for healthier, more resilient farming communities. And more robust ecosystems too. A good thing. For all of us.

Certified Organic


Prettify a changing corner with our range of organic cotton changing pads and wet wipe covers.

Towels & Cloths

Growing organic cotton uses less pesticides than conventional. Meaning farmers and their families are healthier. Shop our range of lower impact Towels & Cloths.


Perhaps the most useful baby care item? Wrap, wipe, shade, screen, bolster. And endless opportunities for prettiness too!

Conventional agriculture is destructive.

It’s no secret that pesticides are bad for people and ecosystems.

They kill and injure farmers, their families and communities. They're linked to cancer, and to developmental defects in children.

Conventional cotton production alone is responsible for approximately 10% of insecticide use 5% of pesticide use globally.

Organic farming uses less pesticides than conventional agriculture. And because farmers are not compelled to use GM seeds, they aren't beholden to industrial agricultural companies. 

All things considered, organic farming means healthier, more resilient farming communities and healthier ecosystems too.