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Plastic Free


Plastic pollutes humans too.

Natural materials on the other hand are lovely to live with. They get better with age. Wearing in rather than wearing out. And without leaving long lasting little bits of themselves all over the place.

Plastic Free

Open Ended Play

Typical wooden toys are decorated with acrylic paints or finished with plastic varnishes.

Shop our range of solid wood open ended play toys finished in vegetable dyes, non-plastic pigments, and plant based oils.


Sad news, many dollies are still made from PVC loaded with plasticisers to make them soft = (

Our Plastic Free dolls from Nanchen are perfect for first time mummies. And for the more sophisticated three year old check our sharply dressed Mari Dolls.

Games & Puzzles

Polyester, acrylic and polypropylene puzzle pieces, and film laminated jigsaws are typical.

Shop our range of Plastic Free puzzles and games from Londji. Matt finished card, solid wood and Made in Spain.

Plastic fantastic. Forever.

One of the material foundations of the modern world. Plastic is incredibly useful.

The problem is it hangs around for a very long time and eventually gets everywhere. 

Into our food, our water, and the air we breathe. It gets into us. And releases the chemicals it is made from. Inside us.

Children are particularly sensitive to these hormone disrupting chemicals

Avoiding plastic products, especially in contact with food, skin and little mouths is one way to reduce their exposure.