Creativity Battle Game (Age 8+)

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A creative battle! Transform the images in the most imaginative way to win the game. Everything's included - pencils, pads, images - let the battle commence!
  • A great choice for the slightly older kids.
  • Guaranteed to ensure lots of laughs.
  • Made in Barcelona.
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Material Matters

Made From
  • Cardboard (Europe)
  • Paper (Europe)
Made In Barcelona - Spain
  • Plastic Film

Product Description

Let the Creativity Battle commence!

The drawing game where everyday objects become the canvas for creativity. Is it a picture of a lemon? A submarine or a guitar? No wait! I see a UFO!

Each player receives a notebook and a pencil, choosing a sheet to transform an ordinary image into something wildly creative.

As the game begins, jot down two initial ideas that come to mind, simple or not. Then, let your pencil dance across the page, turning those ideas into original masterpieces. Once everyone's done, share your creations and debate which drawings push the boundaries of creativity the furthest.

Creativity Battle will encourage you to look at the world differently, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. The most creative drawing wins, but in this game, every twist of the pencil uncovers new ways to see and think. Ready to turn the mundane into the magnificent?

Tech Specs

What's Included
  • 4 x Notebooks
  • 4 x Pencils
Suitable Age 8 years+
Minimum Age 3 years+
  • 16.5 x 16.5 x 4 cm


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