Wooden toys to empower children to explore their imaginations. Made in Germany.


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Grimm's River PebblesGrimm's River Pebbles
River Pebbles Sale price£18.50
Grimm's Desert Sands Play Building World Set - Main ImageGrimm's Building World - Blocks as House & People
Grimm's Small Stepped Pyramid - Main ImageGrimm's-Small-Stepped-Pyramid-Facing-Down
Stepped Pyramid Sale price£52
Grimm's Set of Wooden Bowls-NaturalGrimm's Set of Wooden Bowls-Natural
Grimm's Counting RainbowGrimm's Counting Rainbow Close Up
Grimm's Rainbow Semi CirclesGrimm's Rainbow Semi Circles Side View
Grimm's Wooden Rainbow CoinsGrimm's Wooden Rainbow Coins In Circle - Large & Small
Gimm's Romanesque Building Set - Main ImageChild Playing With Grimm's Romanesque Building Set
Grimm's Natural Beads Grasper - Main ImageGrimm's Natural Beads Grasper - Up Close
Grimm's Colourful Stacking HouseGrimm's Colourful Stacking House
Grimm's Seven Friends in BowlsGrimm's Seven Friends in Bowls Friends on Bowls
Grimm's Six Wooden Toy CarsGrimm's Six Wooden Cars Lined Up
Grimm's Small Hedgehog - Side On Grimm's Small Hedgehog In Hands
Small Hedgehog Sale price£10.50
Grimm's Polar Light Building World Play Set - Main ImageGrimm's Polar Light Play Building World Set
Grimm's Wooden Rainbow FriendsGrimm's Wooden Rainbow Friends With Rainbow Rings and Forest
Rainbow Friends Sale price£34
Grimm's Pastel Duo Building Blocks - Main ImageGrimm's Pastel Duo Building Blocks - Buildings
Grimm's Relaxing Bird - Main ImageGrimm's Relaxing Bird - Styled Image
Grimm's Large Conical Stacking TowerRainbow Pieces of Grimm's Large Conical Stacking Tower
Grimm's Stacking Game Small Rainbow RollersGrimm's Stacking Game Small Rainbow Rollers
Grimm's Rainbow Bowls Sorting GameGrimm's Rainbow Bowls Sorting Game With Tweezers
Grimms Small Natural RainbowGrimms Small Natural Rainbow
Natural Rainbow Sale price£24.50
Made in Germany
Grimm's Rainbow Building Boards - Main Image Grimm's Rainbow Building Boards - Stacked
Made in Germany
Grimm's Natural Building Boards - Main ImageGrimm's Natural Building Boards Close Up Down on Boards
Grimm's Leonardo Wooden Sticks in BoxGrimm's Leonardo Wooden Sticks
Grimm's Cloud Play Building World Play Set - Main ImageCreature Made From Grimm's Cloud Play Building World Set
Grimm's Stacking Game Small Natural RollersGrimm's Stacking Game Small Natural Rollers
Grimm's Rainbow ForestGrimm's Rainbow Forest
Rainbow Forest Sale price£36
Made in Germany
Grimm's Rainbow Bridge Main Image Grimm's Rainbow Bridge - Side On
Rainbow Bridge Sale price£44
Grimm's Moss PebblesGrimm's Moss Pebbles Stacked Upside Down
Moss Pebbles Sale price£18.50
Grimm's Rainbow Mini Rolling Wheel RattleGrimm's Rainbow Mini Rolling Wheel Rattle Blue Side
Made in Germany
Grimm's Small Stepped Counting BlocksGrimm's Small Stepped Counting Blocks
Grimm's Fire PebblesGrimm's Fire Pebbles Upside Down
Fire Pebbles Sale price£18.50
Grimm's Four Elements Building Set - Main ImageGrimm's Four Elements Building Set - Looking Down
Grimm's Wooden Rainbow MushroomsGrimm's Wooden Rainbow Mushrooms Balanced
Grimm's Large Natural RainbowGrimm's Large Natural Rainbow
Little Boy Playing With Grimm's Polar Light Play Building World Set

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About Grimm's.

These highly tactile wooden toys will provide hours of playtime fun for mini builders, artists and designers alike.

Grimm’s approach is rooted in a deep commitment to both the environment and child development.

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