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What Grapat say about themselves

‘We start from the basis that play is the child’s language. The game is their homeland, where they can talk and express themselves without instructions or limits.’

What we think

Components, curiosities and characters for open ended play. Many of the pieces feel like they have been gathered directly from nature. Some might even be souvenirs collected from imaginary worlds. The Nins are definitely beings but they are also are simple enough to take on new identities in every adventure.

All sets come without instructions but with boxes designed to last for five years or so. A great and intentional combination. These are natural, robust toys offered with little structure - objects waiting to be inscribed with meaning through play.


Grapat’s toys are coloured, finished and packaged in Catalonia, Spain. All the timber they use comes from European forests.

Originally Casiana and Jordi made the parts themselves in their attic. However they quickly generated more demand than they could handle. A nice problem to have for sure, but also an existential challenge for a business that designs and makes its own products with great love, care and attention to detail. 

Grapat moved to bigger premises locally in 2017 and now also work with part suppliers in Spain, Germany, Italy, and Poland. By retaining the final and critical step of colouring and finishing their products in their own workshop, they preserve the designer-made feel of the pieces in an honest way.


Pieces are dyed and not painted and then finished with plant oils and waxes. Wood grain, character marks and imperfections remain visible which preserves the nature of the raw material. This minimalistic approach to finishing wooden items always feels particularly authentic to us.

Colour is a major feature of Grapat’s design philosophy. They use a wide range of colours to great effect and  the overall effect is harmonious. In part this is due to their use of dyes rather than paints as the ever present wood grain ties everything together very effectively.

Grapat was founded in Catalonia in 2015.