Nanchen, natch.

Now safely in the hands of second owners Juliane and Janah, Nanchen Puppen (‘puppen’ is German for ‘dolls’) have been making high quality handmade dolls and soft toys for over forty years.

Dollies have hand painted faces that strike a fine balance. Immediately characterful whilst simple enough to take on new meaning and personality through play.

Made from Certified Organic cotton and wool by a small team of makers working from home and in Nanchen’s workshop in North Hesse. With a timeless appeal Nanchen dolls and soft toys are best friends in waiting and will be for many years to come.

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What age children are Nanchen dolls suitable for? Who’s Who?

Alma, Bruno, Pepe and Lotte come with removable outfits and naturally take lots of looking after sometimes needing to be dressed and undressed ten times in one day! (38cm) 36 months+

Clockwise from top left; Bruno, Alma, Lotte and Pepe.

For dolly mummies in training Mopschen and Nanis dollies are less of a handful but just as cuddly. (26cm) From birth

Mopschen & Nanis Dolls.

Flower Fairies are perfect for future dolly mummies who are still babies themselves. (18cm)

Flower fairies.

Comforters and Soft Terry Rattles make ideal newborn gifts (16cm). Nucki Doll rattles and is very exciting whilst quiet Pimpel Doll is a perfect pal for nap time. (18cm)

Wild Goose Comforter & Soft Terry Rattles.
Nucki Doll, Pimpel Doll & Acorn Baby.

What are Waldorf dolls?

Inspired by Steiner (Waldorf) education principles, Waldorf dolls are simple and minimalist with the principal objective of encouraging children to use their own imagination during play.

Whilst made from natural materials, and having a lifelike warm-to-touch feel and weight. Waldorf inspired dollies have minimal facial features.

These hand painted faces must strike a fine balance. Being both immediately characterful whilst simple enough to take on personality and emotions through play. Nanchen have perfected this art.

What are Nanchen dolls made from?

Made from Natural Fibres Only Nanchen use cotton, sheep’s wool and mohair in their dolls and soft toys.

How do I care for and clean my Nanchen doll?

If your doll needs a bath, by hand is best. With warm water and a wool detergent.

If the wool stuffing gets too hot and wet it will turn to felt and become lumpy. Do not brush, rub, wring or spin dollies. Gently squeeze as much water out as possible and leave to dry in a gently warm (not hot) place on a towel.

Can I brush her hair?

Yes you can, with a normal hairbrush if fine. She doesn’t like it much but don’t let it get too messy!

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