Learn more about our handmade wooden animals and figures made in Germany.


The OG of wooden animals and figures, and certainly the standout name in European production. Ostheimer has been creating original designs since 1939.

Simple slightly naive characters leave plenty of room for expansive imaginations.

The shape of many animals has remained unchanged for decades. Others have been updated over the years. All remain true to the sensibilities of the originals.

Made from European grown timber. With wood grain remaining visible through the paint and plant based oil finish, which provides subtle variety, and unmistakably communicates the natural origin of each toy.

A prosocial business with a real concern for the needs of people and the environment. Ostheimer directly supports social and environmental initiatives through its owner since 2001, the Walter and Adeline Ostheimer Foundation.

Still handmade is in the truest sense with shaping and painting guided by eye and by hand.

Margarete Ostheimer believed hand painting gave the figures their soul. Production remains true to her ethos today.

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