Senger Naturwelt

Senger Naturwelt

Senger Naturwelt

What we love about Senger Naturwelt.

Soft toys from Senger are made from seasonally renewable natural materials inside and out. Stuffed with locally sourced wool from the Eifel region of Germany.

Cotton plush fur is hand woven in Upper Franconia from organic cotton grown in Turkey. 

A stellar example of Near Before Far sourcing. Even the zips sewn into the tummies of their hotties are made in Germany. Heat packs are made of cotton and filled with fruit stones and cereal chaff.

Attention to detail is second to none.


How Senger are different.

Most soft toys including the market leading brand (Smelly Hat) use synthetic plush fabrics as well as synthetic fibre or bead fill. Polyester and acrylic are the norm. 

These petrochemical materials shed plastic microfibres with every snuggle, ready to be swallowed or inhaled. 

Senger use Natural Fibres Only, for both fur and stuffing. This keeps the little insides you're most worried about free of synthetic stuffing too!


Why they do it.

Motivated by a desire to make lifelong companions for their littlest customers (and grown up ones as well). This German soft toy maker has a relentless focus on both the quality of their materials and where they come from. 

Volker and Sabine Senger work on every toy design. Creating product prototypes by hand themselves after thirty years in business. This dedication to craft is obvious in the quality of their products. In fact, fanatically so. 

Senger Naturwelt is a brand we are very proud to carry. 


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