Organic cotton is important.

Organic cotton is important.

Organic cotton is a healthier choice for growers and for the environment.

Conventional cotton farming uses more insecticides than any other crop. In fact, cotton production is responsible for approximately 10% of insecticide use 5% of pesticide use globally .

It’s no secret that pesticides and insecticides are bad for people and bad for ecosystems. These are chemicals designed to kill after all. 

They kill and injure the people who use them. Farmers, their families and communities. They're linked to cancer, and to developmental defects in children.

Organic cotton uses less insecticides and pesticides than conventional cotton. 

It’s not just about killing chemicals though. 

Because organic farmers are able to save their own seeds, they are not dependent on industrial agricultural companies, and they can't be compelled to grow genetically modified crops.

All things considered, organic cotton means healthier, more resilient farming communities and healthier ecosystems too. This is a good thing. For all of us.