Josephine Senger and Laust Christian Poulsen have created a thriving business that sets itself high social and environmental standards. Founded in Copenhagen in 2012 Aperie is a design brand with a conscience.

Wide ranging travel, an interest in different cultures and perspectives, plus an awareness of local craft techniques gained from communities across the globe, all contribute to make a range of unique, and almost rustically simple products.

Aperie’s products combine Scandinavian design ideas with an environmentally and socially sustainable approach to global production. Aperie works with suppliers in developing countries, and avoids the use of intermediaries where at all possible; this means their producers are paid directly and are able to retain maximum value for their work.

The Clio Baby Blankets epitomise their approach; in common with all Aperie products they are produced by local suppliers using locally sourced natural materials. Employing a straightforward pattern, and dyed using natural dyes, the blankets are knitted in Bolivia using fine Alpaca wool.

Aperie baby blanket