Organic Soft Toys & Dolls

Ecologically sound toys for babies and toddlers made from Natural Fibres Only.

Synthetic fibre free.

None of our soft toys or dolls have synthetic skin, fur or stuffing. That means no nasty polyester or acrylic microplastic pollution. Keeping the little insides you are most worried about free of synthetic stuffing too!

Certified Organic
Natural Fibres Only

Certified Organic & Natural Fibres Only

Waldorf dolls from Nanchen are perfect for first time mummies. For the more sophisticated three year old check our sharply dressed Mari Dolls. Senger teddies, comforters and rattles are made from organic cotton and wool.

Little Boy Cuddling Senger Naturwelt Cuddly Animal Polar Bear Hot Water Bottle

Cuddly hotties.

Use them instead of a hot water bottle or cool pack. The sealed cotton heat pad is filled with cherry stones. Learn more...

From the outside you would never know about their hidden super power.

Nanchen Natur Pimpel Doll Blue

Handmade newborn gifts.

Comforters, rattles and teeny tiny Waldorf inspired dollies. Made without synthetic fibres from Certified Organic cotton and wool.