3 Nins - 3 Woods

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Made in Europe

Even more minimal almost-characters ready for endless imaginary adventures.
  • Blank slate characters for small world play.
  • What stories will your Nins tell?
  • Made in Spain.
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Material Matters

Made From
  • Wood, Maple (Europe)
  • Wood, Oak (Europe)
  • Wood, Sapele (Global)
Made In Catalonia - Spain
  • Cardboard

Product Description

Same same, but different. Each an individual, these 3 Nins 3 Woods from Grapat are made from three different timbers; oak, beech, and not-from-round-’ere sapele (he actually has African heritage). Finished in plant based oils.

Just like their delightful kin in Grapat's collection, these Nins exude an elegant simplicity. Every Nin, with its modest design, is a pristine canvas. The merest whispers of characters, they stand ready for the magic of imaginative play to breathe life into them.

A word of warning; On first appearances these three might be mistaken for being slightly more straight laced than their colourful cousins the 12 Nins but don’t let that fool you. They guys are crazier than the Fancy Nins! Adventures? They’ll show you adventures!

Just don’t leave them unattended around water, the result will make Gremlins seem like a Disney film.

Tech Specs

What's Included
  • 3 x Nins
Suitable Age 12 months+
Minimum Age 12 months+
  • 6.5 cm

Care Wipe with a damp cloth


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