Dear Universe

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Plastic Free
Made in Europe

58 magical cosmic pieces ready for out of this world adventures.
  • Made in Spain.
  • A whopping 58 pieces.
  • Perfect for any little space fanatic.
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Material Matters

Made From
  • Wood, Maple (Europe)
Made In Catalonia - Spain
  • Cardboard

Product Description

Dear Universe... 

Embrace the vastness of the cosmos with this Universe set from Grapat. A mesmerising collection of 58 magical cosmic pieces that promise to take your little astronaut on an interstellar adventure. Bursting with color and brimming with mystery, this set is a launchpad for limitless imagination.

Every piece in this set, from the swirling planets to the twinkling stars, is designed to ignite curiosity and storytelling. What tales will your child tell? What secrets do these planets hold? Can humans venture there, or do mysterious aliens call them home? Each tactile shape invites young explorers to dream up their own answers, crafting entire worlds with their imagination.

Watch as playtime transcends the ordinary, with vibrant planets and stars setting the stage for epic adventures. The "Dear Universe" set isn't just a toy; it's a doorway to the infinite, where every play session is an opportunity to explore the unknown and reach for the stars.

Tech Specs

What's Included
  • 10 x Planets
  • 12 x Marbles
  • 36 x Little Stars
Suitable Age 3 years+
Minimum Age 3 years+
  • Planets: 2.5 cm - 4.5 cm

  • Marbles: 1.8 cm

  • Little Stars: 1.2 cm

Care Wipe with a damp cloth


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