Merino Wool


A magical material in so many respects.

Super soft and naturally antibacterial. Merino wool is an excellent choice for babies to sleep in. The fibres help maintain an ideal body temperature, absorbing and evapourating sweat or trapping warm air as needed.

Some of our merino travels a long way, from Argentina. We’re ok with that. It’s a seasonally renewable material not derived from petrochemicals, and is biodegradable. And also when used for sleeping bags instead of cotton, it avoids the need for additional filling as insulation. And most often sleeping bags are filled with polyester.

All our merino is mulesing free.

Mulesing is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of strips of skin from around the sheep’s bottom. This is done to minimise infestations with a parasitic fly. But it is an extremely painful procedure often done without anaesthetic and sometimes resulting in the death of the animal. The problematic blowfly only lives in Australia, and hence mulesing only happens to Australian sheep.

Our merino blankets, and sleeping bags from Hvid in Belgium and Disana in Germany are either GOTS or Oeko-Tex certified. Available in sleeved and sleeveless designs. For cool rooms and outdoor sleeping choose sleeves.

Easy to care for, and naturally hard wearing for a long and cosy life!

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Child Wrapped Hvid Felix Merino Wool Blanket in Rose Hvid Felix Merino Wool Blanket Oat Material Close Up