Aguamarina Summer Nins Play Set

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Made in Europe

Explore the magic of the changing seasons with this Nins play set in Summer colours.
  • Set of six Summer Nins with accessories.
  • Ready for imaginative adventures.
  • Made in Spain.
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Material Matters

Made From
  • Wood, Maple (Europe)
  • Wood, Beech (Europe)
Made In Catalonia - Spain
  • Cardboard

Product Description

Grapat's Aguamarina Summer set celebrates the season's bounty and brilliance. Summer brings golden fields, ripening fruits, and vast blue skies reflected in rivers and the sea. This set, part of Grapat's seasonal Aguamarina collection, captures the deep blues, radiant yellows, and vibrant oranges, immersing you in the heart of a sun-kissed summer day.
The set includes 3 classic Nins, 3 Nins with tops, 3 mates, 9 rings, and 9 coins, all bathed in the warm colours of summer. Like their Wooden Nin cousins and the city-dwelling Fancy (pants) Nins, these Aguamarina Summer Nins are always ready for imaginative escapades.
Craft a seasonal corner at home using these pieces, a space where you can trace the year's cycle and immerse in the rhythmic change of your surroundings. The small world play potential is boundless. Create shelters with the rings, build platforms with the coins, or let the Nins embark on sailing adventures on Mates-turned-boats.
Grapat's Aguamarina Summer set is more than a toy; it's a vibrant canvas for creating, exploring and celebrating the colours of nature.

Tech Specs

What's Included
  • 3 x Nins
  • 3 x Nins With Hats
  • 3 x Mates
  • 9 x Coins
  • 9 x Rings
Suitable Age 12 months+
Minimum Age 12 months+
  • Nins: 6.5 cm

  • Nins With Hats: 7 cm

  • Mates: 4.5 cm

  • Coins: 4.8 cm

  • Rings: 4.8 cm

Care Wipe with a damp cloth


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