Good Night Game (Age 3+)

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Made in Europe

Gather everyone together - even the youngest member of the house. Settle down, but don't get too sleepy - and choose a way to play. There are 3 ways with this fun board game - memory, matching or deduction.
  • A board game with 3 ways to play.
  • Perfect for even the littlest to understand.
  • Sustainably made in Barcelona.
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Material Matters

Made From
  • Cardboard (Europe)
  • Paper (Europe)
  • Accessories:
  • Cotton (Global)
Made In Barcelona - Spain
  • Plastic Film

Product Description

Tuck In for a Night of Fun with The Good Night from Londji. 

As the stars twinkle above, our dreamy friends are all tucked in, but the night is full of surprises! Who's wearing matching pyjamas? Which cozy house belongs to whom? And, shh... where's the monster hiding under the bed? Welcome to "Good Night!" – the game that turns bedtime into an adventure, perfect for the youngest dreamers in your family.

With three ways to play there is endless fun to be had:

  • Memory Match: With everyone snug in their beds, can you find the matching pairs of pyjamas? Test your memory and find the friends dressed alike to win.
  • Family Homes: Using the charming house-shaped cards, embark on a mission to reunite families. Can you gather all the members of one family in a single turn?
  • Monster Hunt: The most thrilling part of bedtime – discovering where the monster under the bed is hiding! As the head player conceals the monster, others ask yes-or-no questions to unveil its secret hiding spot.

A journey into a world where bedtime stories come to life this game has been designed with the youngest players in mind. It offers a gentle introduction to concepts of memory, matching, and deduction, all while ensuring a fun and engaging play experience for the whole family.

As night falls and the moon softly glows, gather your little ones for a game of "Good Night!" where every turn is a story waiting to unfold. Who knows? After a few rounds of fun with our dreamy friends, bedtime might just become the most awaited part of the day.

Tech Specs

What's Included
  • 32 x Games Pieces
  • 18 x Fabric Beds
Suitable Age 3 years+
Minimum Age 3 years+
  • 11.5 x 4 cm


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