My Monsters Game (Age 5+)

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Made in Europe

Roll the dice and race to make the monsters. A game of speed and observation for all the family.
  • Play at three different difficulty levels.
  • Made in Barcelona.
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Material Matters

Made From
  • Cardboard (Europe)
  • Paper (Europe)
  • Wood, Beech (Europe)
  • Bag:
  • Cotton (Global)
Made In Barcelona - Spain
  • Plastic Film

Product Description

Dare to enter a world where monsters roam—not to scare, but to share in the laughter and joy of family game night! My Monsters Game from Londji invites you into an enchanted realm where creativity runs wild and speed is the name of the game. With a sprinkle of colours, a dash of spots, and a generous helping of fur and scales, get ready to craft the most marvellous monsters imaginable.

My Monsters is a lively speed and observation game that brings families together in a race against time. Roll the dice and let the monster-making madness begin! Scour the playing field for the monstrous parts dictated by your dice roll - be it vibrant scales, odd spots, or zany fur textures - and be the quickest to piece together your fantastical creature.

My Monster Game is a great way to boost hand-eye coordination and sharpen logical deduction skills. With every monster successfully matched, players flex their mental muscles - a win-win for fun and brainpower.

Whether you're a beginner or a monster-making maestro its a game that grows with little ones with three levels of difficulty, easily adjusted by using different combinations of dice. No two rounds are ever the same and every player, regardless of age or skill level, can join in the monster mash.

As the game progresses and the pace picks up, who will emerge as the ultimate monster creator? My Monster Game is a test of speed, concentration, and a little bit of monster magic. Gather your loved ones and let the creative chaos commence.

Tech Specs

What's Included
  • 60 x Game Pieces
  • 4 x Dice
Suitable Age 5 years+
Minimum Age 3 years+
  • 17.5 x 17.5 x 8 cm


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