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What's wrong with plastic?

Plastic is incredibly useful. It improves lives and saves lives. It’s one of the material foundations of the modern world. 

The problem is eventually plastic gets everywhere. Little, teeny tiny bits of it. Waste from making things, from using things, from washing things, from throwing things away. 

And it hangs around for a very long time.

Plastic gets into our food, our water, and the air we breathe. It gets into us. It breaks down and releases the chemicals it is made from. Inside us. 

Microplastic pollution is a huge problem. The long term consequences are yet unknown but they are unlikely to be good. For human health or for our ecosystems.

Sometimes plastic is the best material for the job. Or maybe it’s just the most convenient, or perhaps the cheapest…

Anyway we are always looking for better alternatives. Safer, less persistent materials.

For products that use less plastic, or ideally no plastic at all.